TGIF- My Sustainable Friday

Howdy Howdy Howdy.!

How’s everyone’s Friday.? Well, obviously you can’t answer me but I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. For me Friday’s have always been an awesome day. In high school it was the day we did nothing in school but talk about the football team and where we were going after school, before we had to be ready for Drill Team. When I got to college it was my day of freedom because everyone else was at school and work. I have never had class or work on a Friday until my senior year of college.

But my Friday’s aren’t much “work” per say because it’s doing something I totally love with some really awesome people. You see, I work for the Office of Sustainability at Texas A&M as an Outreach Specialist so I spend my time brainstorming of new ideas to spread the message about sustainability on campus or actively telling students on campus about it.

Today in particular we went to campus to help some students out with a sustainable initiative but ended up not being able to help out. But with our “Sustain-a- Army” “Sustain-a-Buddies” “Sustain-a-family” we always seem to find something else sustainable on campus. Today we found an exhibit with all of the art made completely out of plastic bags.

Sus bhb gg bag sha sua suaa

After checking out the exhibit we went back to the office and worked on a few more of our outreach ideas until our first shift was over. After that it was time for a break for lunch until our next shift started so I went and picked up Madison so we could go to lunch.

I had been hearing about this place called Village Cafe through my research about sustainable businesses in the Bryan College Station area and really wanted to check it out, so we did.! We drove to downtown Bryan and ate at Village Cafe.  This is a business  that prides themselves on serving local food. I got a Southwest wrap and Madison got a Raspberry salad sanwhich, both of which were AHH-Ma-ZZing. I had no idea there were such cool things so close to us. Cool to someone like me, a treehugger to say in the least. I was really impressed and will definitely be heading to downtown Bryan more often to check it out.

Local food

When our tummy’s were full of local food we headed back to campus to help grow some. There is a sustainable farm on campus known as the Howdy Farm which just received a grant from the Aggie Green Fund, which Kelly Wellman (my boss at Sustainability) started, to build and all solar powered building. It looks amazing and I love that they are getting so much help this year. There were many of us out there planting broccoli and kale and getting the farm ready for harvest. While we were there we were also able to help harvest some okra, jalapeños, egg plant, and various other peppers. I absolutely LOVE what the Howdy farm does and stands for and I will be helping out every Friday I can from this point on.

howy sunfl plant pinklfower okra mrsadorable fooodd farm cuties

At 3 o’clock I  had to head back over to the Office of Sustainability. But not for long because today we were going back to Kelly’s house instead of staying in the office. Putting us in a more comfortable environment to get comfortable working together. We played pictionary just to do some team building.  My favorite part was when someone got the drew a car with a square on top of the roof and a sun at the top of the board and everyone was guessing things like, “Solar” “Solar Panel” “Solar Power” and it was just a sun roof. It just goes to show that I’m hanging out with sustainable minded people who care about the same things that I do and that make me so happy. The entire time I just kept thinking how thankful and excited I am to finally be part of the Office of Sustainability and that I was hanging out at Kelly Wellman’s house like it was no big deal.

Well that’s my day so far. It was so so SO nice to not have to worry about all my school work and SGC responsibilities for a day and just do things I enjoy. Right now Madison is napping as I’m writing this and we probably won’e do much else tonight but tomorrow we will be heading to Austin to get some new business clothes via thrift shopping and probably hitting up some vegan restaurants as well and I will attempt to write a post on that.

Thanks for reading.

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